Hey, hey, psst. Yeah thats right you over there! Wiki is dead, nothing to do really... Just going to post goals for all of us for this wiki.

Goals: "To Do List"

Add or improve our pages for a better Wiki! Take note of our ff. goals for the year, 2015.

Full To Do List
  • Improve all articles
  • Delete spam/duplicate/candidates for deletion pages
  • Block rule breakers
  • Have more active users
  • Improve/add more useful templates
  • Add needed pictures
  • Add more important pages
  • Follow more upcoming plans
  • Add more needed categories
  • Reach upto 150 pages in this wiki

Daily Stuff

  1. Improve articles.

Minor/Lengthy Tasks

  1. Upload more pictures.
  1. Remove or redirect red links.
  1. Check grammar of every article.
Thats for all. Thank you and have a great day!

RQAmethystGem2 SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 TalkPNGRoseGemMCE 15:45, July 27, 2015 (UTC)Goals


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