The Preeminent

"My master has arrived!"
Morro to Lloyd referring to The Preeminent
The Preeminent

The Preeminent


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The Preeminent is the true main antagonist in the fifth season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Also called the Queen of the Cursed, The Preeminent is an eldritch horror who is the embodiment of the Cursed Realm, she is stuck in an alternate dimension and the master of the Ghost Warriors, whose ultimate goal is to retrieve the Realm Crystal from the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master and assure in her arrival to curse all 16 Realms, including Ninjago. It is unknown how the Preeminent intended to accomplish her goal. As soon as she entered Ninjago, she was immobile, only able to release a continuous amount of Ghost Warriors who didn't do anything much either. In addition, the Preeminent was said to be in command of all of the cursed ghosts. Though, once she entered Ninjago, she appeared not to communicate with the ghosts at all.


  • In Season 5's trailer, the description reveals that Morro is going to release The Preeminent into Ninjago to curse it.
  • In "Peak-a-Boo," it is revealed that the Preeminent is a female.
  • It is unknown which realm the Preeminent was originally in, as it was the Cursed Realm.
  • The Preeminent is, in fact, the first main antagonist in the series to be female.
  • In "Curse World - Part II," it is revealed that the Preeminent is the Cursed Realm.
  • When The Preeminent seized Misako, Morro tells Wu that the more souls The Preeminent takes, the bigger it gets. While this is never actually shown in the episode, this concept is extremely similar to that of The Great Devourer, where as the more it eats, the bigger it gets.
  • The Preeminent is never seen communicating with the Ghost Warriors or to Morro.
  • If you destroy one of her tentacles, two grow in its place. This may be a reference to the Hydra, a monster from Greek Mythology, because after one of the heads gets destroyed, two grow back in its place.


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