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Cyrus Borg

Cyrus Borg is a major character in Season 3: Rebooted. He is supposedly the greatest inventor of his time, and is the President of Borg Industries. For a brief time he was transformed into a slave of the Digital Overlord, the OverBorg. In Enter the Digiverse, he was captured by Pythor and re-assimulated into the OverBorg, to build Codename: Arcturus. He also appears as the OverBorg in 70722 Overborg Attack.

The Surge

Cyrus Borg secretly programs and gives the ninja the Techno Blades, only to be overwatched by the Overlord, and assimulates him into the OverBorg. Overborg also creates blueprints of the Nindroids, creating them in the Borg Tower Factory.

Art of the Silent Fist

Cyrus Borg's mechanical limbs are taken over by the Overlord, and Cyrus appears limp and cold.


Cyrus Borg is found by two construction workers who take off his metal head piece and turns good again. Although to his horror, the hard drive containing the Digital Overlord has been stolen, leaving no way for the ninja to erase the Digital Overlord with the Techno Blades.

Curse of the Golden Master

Cyrus welcomes the ninja back, then uses PIXAL's new power source to track the nindroid presence. To his unknowing, the nindroids followed the ninja to the Stone Army Tomb.

Enter the Digiverse

Cyrus Borg finds out a new way to erase the Digital Overlord, lure him inside the Digiverse, then erase him with the Techno Blades. He sends the ninja in, and within a while, the Overlord comes inside and is erased. Then a nindroid copter swoops down and steals Borg, and Pythor turns him back into Overborg.

Codename: Arcturus

Once again, the OverBorg is the slave of the Overlord, building a rocket for them, Codename: Arcturus.

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