Affiliation Serpentine
Rank General
First Appearance Child's Play (Pictured)
Status Freed as a Spirit from the Cursed Realm

Arcturus is a mysterious and mentioned Serpentine General in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He was mentioned by Sensei Wu and Sensei Garmadon. Arcturus fought them long ago in the Serpentine War. It appears that a rocket ship had the same name as him. It was a project that the Overlord planned to retrieve the golden weapons and become the Golden Master. This project is called Project: Arcturus. It was also named the celestial Zodiac named Arcturus after the him. In 2015 Ninjago, Arcturus's backstory will be revealed, and he is a member of the Anacondrai and the leader of the entire Serpentine, because the main antagonists of 2015 will be the revealed to be alive Anacondrai.


  • Arcturus was seen in the Serpentine War.
  • Arcturus use to be banished to the Cursed Realm.

Mentioned (Pictued)

Child's Play

Skales looked at a picture of an army of a different tribe of snakes, it may be Arcturus in the center of the picture.

Codename: Arcturus

The name maybe coming from Pythor because he knows all of the serpentine generals. Project: Arcturus is launched to the celestial star Arcturus.

The Void

General Cryptor, the ninja, and the Nindroids board Project Arcturus to reach the star that contains the Golden Weapons. Zane had to travel throughout the rocket to find special space suits for Kai, Jay, Cole, and Lloyd for when General Cryptor would seperate the rocket.

When they finally reach the star, Project Arcturus is invaded by a metal eating parasite and is destroyed, leaving no way for them to get home. When Cryptor realizes the ninja are stuck he screams with laughter on his rocket boots, "So long, ninja!"

The Forgotten Elements

Master Chen as showed Kai the artifacts he took. One of Chen's artifacts was the picture of the Anacondrai, it may be the one that Skales looked at in the museum. Arcturus was at the center of the picture.

Season 4: Return of an Ancient Evil (2015)

Arcturus is said to be the final antagonist of the 4th season of LEGO Ninjago. This is said because General Arcturus may be the serpentine that was pictured at the museum, and the sarcophagus may be containing Anacondrai Artifacts, making possible that Arcturus is an Anacondrai. He will probably a giant and amazingly evil antagonist, bringing forth doom to the world with his serpentine army.



The Corridor of Elders


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